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Best Shuffleboard Table To Buy In 2021 | Reviews And Buying Guide

Shuffleboard is fun to play, and it's a popular indoor sport all over the world. It is suitable for both competitive games and casual games. However, choosing the Best Shuffleboard Table from the market is quite a difficult job to do. Don't worry! We have created a list of some shuffleboard tables for you. We've tested almost every single shuffleboard on the market for giving you an authentic review.

If you want to be a great host for your friends and family at your house, then a shuffleboard table would be an excellent choice for having recreational time. People from every age group can play and enjoy this game. It is a new addition to the table games; that's why you don't see it much compared to other table games.

The purpose of publishing this shuffleboard table reviews is to help you find the perfect shuffleboard table on the market. It is quite an expensive investment.

Our Top 5 Best Shuffleboard Tables - Overview

Product Name



Check Price

Playcraft Woodbridge

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Atomic 9' Platinum

Atomic 9' Platinum Shuffleboard Table

Fairview Signature 12'

Fairview Signature 12' Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Telluride 

Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table

Barrington Collection

Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table

1) Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table - Best Professional Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft is one of the best shuffleboard table brands for manufacturing shuffleboard tables on the market. This entry-level shuffleboard will give you intense gameplay through its quality. It is a compatible option for both beginners and professional shuffleboard players.

Well, this table features a 1-3/4" thick solid hardwood butcher block playing surface that is coated in satin polyurethane. It makes the surface smooth, glossy, and fast playing option.

With heavy metal Leg Levelers, the arched pedestal legs are reinforced and Double-Paneled. You can store your shuffleboard accessories in the hinged door that comes with shelves for storage.

Additionally, the cradle comes with one piece of hardwood micro lam plywood constructions for excellent stability. It offers both 1-2-3 scoring systems and 1-2-3-4 scoring systems depends on its length.

The pro-quality climatic adjuster offers smooth and fast playing for better gameplay.

Moreover, it includes deluxe shuffleboard pucks, a brush, high-quality wax, and a matching abacus.


Multiple coats of polyurethane

Pro-quality climate adjuster

One-piece hardwood cradle construction

Highly durable

Includes necessary accessories


A bit pricey

2) Atomic 9' Platinum - Best Shuffleboard Table Under $1000

Atomic 9' Platinum Shuffleboard Table

Atomic Platinum features a classic design with a black and silver exterior that will give your game room a perfect look. The shuffleboard is made out of quality materials and craftsmanship. This classic game of shuffleboard comes in 9 feet long table with a poly-coated playing surface that offers a smooth and fast playing option. It can be easily fit in any space of your room.

Plus, this table features a 94 3/8 x 14 inches solid hardwood playing surface that's printed with 1-2-3 scoring systems for goal lines. These lines are protected with a poly-coated finish so that they won't fade away.

Additionally, this shuffleboard has four pedestal legs with leg Levelers that ensure optimum stability during the game. If your floors aren't stable, you can adjust these Levelers for perfect permanency.

With the Abacus styling feature, you can focus more on your shots rather than tracking scores.

This table's cradle is lined with a highly durable black cloth that increases this black exterior table's beauty.

Moreover, it includes necessary accessories such as eight pucks (four blue, four red) and a canister of shuffleboard wax.


Poly-coated playing surface

Abacus style scoring system

9 feet long table that fits in any space

4 Leg Levelers for optimum stability

Sturdy construction

Highly durable cloth cradle design

Includes eight pucks and a canister wax


A bit hard to assemble

3) Fairview Game Rooms Signature 12' - Best Designing Shuffleboard Table 

Signature 12' Shuffleboard Table

The Signature 12' shuffleboard table is exclusively sold and shipped from the Fairview Game Rooms brand. This beautiful table features an eye-catchy and straightforward design that compliments any game room. Plus, you don't need to pay any shipping cost.

Well, the table is made out of maple veneer with over five layers of multicore construction with a polyurethane finish. They use a polymer finish on the playing surface to give a glossy look and improve playing speed.

Fairview includes metal stabilizer bars that ensure a level playfield for reducing the concave or convex playing field.

Additionally, this table comes with Chrome Leg Levelers and Locking Nuts that allow you to adjust the legs' height for optimum stability.

Moreover, a hidden storage cabinet is built into one of the pedestal legs for storing the necessary accessories.


Beautiful eye catchy design

Made out of Maple Veneer

Easy to assemble

Comes with chrome leg Levelers

Highly Durable


Parts are a bit heavy

4) Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style - Best Outdoor Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table

Telluride Pro-Style is another great model from the Playcraft brand. If you want a Shuffleboard for both professional and casual uses, then it'll be the perfect choice for you. There are many reasons to consider it as your first choice.

First, the solid hardwood construction marked with rich espresso gives a professional look to the table. This table's playing surface is made out of Russian Birch, coated with a 1/4" polymer coating that protects the field and improves the gameplay.

You can focus more on your game with the help of a 24" overhead electronic scorer with a Plexi face. Plus, there's also one leg storage shelf for storing your necessary accessories.

Additionally, this features a pro-style threaded climate adjuster that ensures the playing surface remains straight while playing.

Moreover, it includes a complete set of playing equipment to start playing after buying the table.


Russian Birch playing surface

1/4" polymer coating for protection

One leg storage shelf

24" overhead electronic scorer

Climate adjuster


Price is quite steep

5) Barrington Collection - Best Budget-Friendly Shuffleboard Table

Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table

Barrington shuffleboard crafted with high-quality wood and sturdy design that compliments any game room. This table performs like a high-quality shuffleboard table at this price range. They are even manufacturing it in multiple styles; you can choose whatever you like.

This table features a scratch-resistant playing surface of UV coating, making the surface smooth and improving the fast-playing option.

With the sturdy construction, you can lean on the table without the fear of upsetting the table as the A-style leg optimizes the table's stability.

Additionally, the table features 1-2-3 scoring systems with two wooden abacuses to track the score.

Moreover, Barrington provides a 90-day warranty offer for customer satisfaction and includes all the necessary accessories for playing.


Scratch-resistant playing surface

UV coated

A-style leg for stability

90-day warranty offer

Affordable price range


Doesn't provide the brush

6) Venture Saratoga - Best Premium Quality Shuffleboard Table

Saratoga Shuffleboard Table

This is a premium quality shuffleboard for those who take the game of shuffleboard seriously and want a genuinely reliable and best quality shuffleboard table. They crafted this table with aesthetic sense to bring you the essence of the rural East Coast of New England.

This table is made out of premium quality plywood. The playing surface is coated in a sleek polymer finish, making makes the table more smooth with high accuracy.

Additionally, the table features a 20" wide and 3" thick playfield with 3 or 4 sets of wooden pedestal legs at the table's base. It gives optimum stability that no brands can offer.

With the climate adjuster, you can easily tune the solid wood playfield for optimum play and provide a long-lasting performance guarantee.

Moreover, it includes a set of premium accessories and offers a Lifetime warranty for the 20" wide table. If you don't have any budget issues, then you can surely go for it.


Premium quality 

Coated in sleek polymer finishes

Strong wooden pedestal legs

Climate adjuster

Lifetime warranty


High price

7) Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table - Best For Variations

Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table

Georgetown is the premium kind of shuffleboard from the Playcraft brand. The high-quality materials ensure the durability of this table. 

This hand-stained rubbed burnished table is available in cheery, espresso, and honey colours.

Well, this table features a 1-3/4" rigid stave butcher block surface that is coated in 10 layers of polyurethane, which makes the surface smooth and shiny.

The table features gutters with carpeting walls and an abacus scorer, making the table more premium and deluxe.

Additionally, the climatic adjuster maintains the shape of the playing surface excellently. The 6" metal leg Levelers allow you to adjust the legs' heights according to your ground.

Moreover, they provide one leg storage cabinets for both two legs tables and three legs tables.


Available in 3 different colours

Coated in 10 layers of polyurethane

6" metal leg Levelers

Easy to assemble

Pro-style climatic adjusters


Needs improvement in frame

8) Hathaway Challenger - Best Tournament Shuffleboard Table For Competitions

Challenger Shuffleboard Table

This Challenger 9-feet shuffleboard offers you pub-style fun in your game room. The rich dark cherry finish gives it a classic look that makes your space more elegant.

Well, this table features a solid hardwood butcher block playfield that's coated in a sleek polyurethane layer, which offers a silky smooth texture and improves accuracy.

There is a convenient storage cabinet available for storing your gears with each pedestal-style leg. This antique bronze-looking cabinet hinges add a vintage look to this beautiful table.

Additionally, you can use the Leg Levelers for adjusting the height of legs on an uneven surface for optimum stability.

Lastly, Hathaway offers climate adjusters, which allows you to tune the playing surface according to any weather in this price range.


Attractive design

Coated in the sleek polyurethane layer

Convenient storage cabinet for each leg

Climate adjuster

Two wood abacus scoring


Assembling might be difficult

9) Barrington Urban Collection - Best Wooden Shuffleboard Table

Barrington Urban Collection Shuffleboard Table

This is Barrington's 2nd shuffleboard table on our list. This table is crafted with top-quality furniture wood that provides premium quality features. You can enjoy a competitive game of shuffleboard with your friends and family at this table.

Well, this 9 feet table is made out of birch wood veneer that feels and performs like a high-end piece. The playing surface is UV coated, so it is scratch-resistant and makes the surface more smooth and shiny.

You don't need to think about spoiling the table or knocking the pucks off from their spot with faux concrete block leg construction since the construction quite sturdy.

Additionally, it includes all the necessary accessories and a 90-day warranty offer for customer satisfaction as it is one of their main policy.


Made out of birch wood veneer

Beautiful design

UV coated playfield

90-day warranty offer


Needs improvement in pucks

10) Carmelli Dark Cherry 9' - Best Shuffleboard Table For Beginners

Carmeli Dark Cherry Shuffleboard Table

The Carmelli Dark Cherry 9 feet shuffleboard features a beautiful wooden design that looks traditional, and it can be easily fit in any space. Plus, you can get this table at an affordable price range.

Well, the 1-1/2" thick solid hardwood butcher block playfield is coated with a polyurethane finish that makes the playing surface smooth and glossy.

The base of the table is constructed with 6" antique bronze Leg Levelers that allow you to adjust the legs' height on uneven surfaces.

With the climate adjuster, you can smooth out the playing surface according to the weather. The abacus scoring system will also help you to concentrate on your game more.

Additionally, the table's plywood corners are stable and durable, so you don't need to worry about the damages.


Dark cherry finish

Polyurethane coating

6" bronze Leg Levelers

Climate adjuster

Strong and Durable construction


Needs improvement in wax

Best Shuffleboard Table - Buying Guide

Shuffleboard tables are an extensive and quite expensive product to purchase; that's why you need to know every feature of this table. It will be mild to choose the right shuffleboard table if you know everything about it. There are lots of shuffleboards available on the market with various features.

If you want to go for it, then this buying guide will help you to know all the essential features and information about this table. So you need to consider some features for buying it.

We have also an article on "How to Play Shuffleboard"

Size of The Table

According to your available space, the shuffleboard table's size is the most significant feature to consider for buying the right shuffleboard table. You can get various sizes of tables that begin with 9 feet long to up to 20 feet long. Some manufacturers produce smaller sizes 7-8 feet long for home use.

You need to keep in mind that you need to purchase the right size of table for you. For choosing the table, the table's dimension will depend on the available space that you have. Additionally, you have to make sure that you have enough room for each player and the supporters. That's why you need to keep at least 2 feet of available space around the table.

The thickness of The Playing Surface

If you want to have a nice shuffleboard table, then the playing surface's right thickness is really important. It provides optimum stability while playing. Most of the tables come around 2-3 inches thick that are made out of actual wood.

Moreover, this is a significant factor to pay attention since you'll play the game on the playing surface. So the accuracy of your playing will depend on it.

Scoring System

There are two different types of scoring systems in this game. These are the three-level grid scoring system and the triangular grid scoring system. However, the three-level scoring system is widely popular among the players.

Climatic Adjusters

One of the most significant parts to look for is the climatic adjusters of the table. It prevents your playfield from warping and smoothes out the surface according to the weather. Suppose it's affected by humid weather or temperature. In that case,  you can adjust it to maintain the right shape with these adjusters' help.

Usually, a standard size table has 4-6 climatic adjusters under the table. However, it depends on the size of the table. You can use this feature for having high accuracy.

Materials of the table

Generally, it is another vital feature to consider as the durability of your table depends on it. You can find these tables in various materials such as poplar, oak, maple wood, mahogany, and birch. Hence, you should pick a durable table that is made out of solid hardwood.

If you have any budget issues, you can also find many affordable options made out of soft maple wood.


The table's finish is an unavoidable feature because it tends to get scratches and damages over time. If your playing surface isn't scratch-resistant, then you cannot have smooth gameplay with a high accuracy rate. So you must check the finish of the table very carefully. With kids at home, it is general that your table can quickly get scratches or damages.

That's why you can try the epoxy resin finish that prevents air bubbles and ensure a perfect playing surface.

Cabinet and Space

The table's cabinet has a significant impact on the table because of the weight it takes and holds the table together. It is good to choose a model of solid hardwood since it is heavier and durable. The materials they used are maple, pine, or walnut finish.

Moreover, the main reason behind providing the cabinet is storing your gears and accessories when you're not playing. You can also save your gears from dust and debris.

Leveling System

Unfortunately, if you have an uneven surface for playing, you can use the Leg Levelers to ensure a level surface. These tables feature adjustable Leg Levelers that allow you to adjust each leg according to your surface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best shuffleboard Table?

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table is the best shuffleboard table to buy in 2021.

Nowadays, there are lots of shuffleboard tables available on the market. However, we consider "Woodbridge" as the best on our list.

What is a shuffleboard table made of?

These tables are made out of various materials like poplar, oak, maple wood, etc. The quality of the table depends on the materials that are used in the table. Additionally, these tables are divided into some heavy parts.

How to clean the playing surface of a shuffleboard table?

You can use s silicone spray to wipe down the playing surface as it will make the surface smooth and shiny. Plus, you can change the existing sand as it slows down the pitch and uses new wax for each game.


The reason for this article is to help you find the Best Shuffleboard Table for you. That's why we've reviewed the top ten shuffleboard tables and tried to cover up all the important things in this article. You can choose from any of these, whichever fits all your requirements.

We hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any query or would like to say something then feel free to write down in the comment box, please!

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