How Many Numbers on a Dartboard

How Many Numbers on a Dartboard | Secrets That You Don’t Know

If you are interested in playing Darts then you will also be curious about the numbers on the dartboard. You may wonder why the numbers are arranged in that order. People have a lot of confusion about the numbers on the board. If you want to know how many numbers on a dartboard and why it is arranged like this then this post is for you.

The numbers on a dartboard are arranged in a certain way that increases the skill and makes the game more interesting. The player needs to be more careful as the higher numbers are installed beside the lower numbers so the penalty is higher for missing a dart!

Don’t worry we will help you to learn every single thing on a dartboard. So let’s get started!!!

If you ask about the rules of darts to people you will get a different answer from every different person. As there are lots of so-called experts out there.

Now we will give you a brief about the modern dartboard.

The origin of Darts or Dart ages

In the 14th Century, some archers were throwing their arrowheads to the lids of wine barrels. After a while, this act got popular in lots of places such as military camps.

Rules and Regulations of Dartboard

However, people made an assumption and gave credit to a person for inventing this game. The person who invented this game is Brian Gamlin.

Who is Brian Gamlin?

Brian Gamlin is the person who invents the method of numbering the modern dartboard. He was a carpenter who lived in Bury, England. His invention came into the limelight in 1896 at the age of 44. However, he died in 1903 without acknowledging his invention.

As he was a carpenter, he made a great income from manufacturing dartboards of wood. He became the biggest manufacturer of the dartboard. Significantly, his traveling to the carnival circuit kept a great impact on the darts.

He took significant participation in the set-up and management of local fairgrounds. He also invents the modern dartboard numbering. This will surely give him extra credit in the game of dart.

Who is Thomas William Buckle?

Thomas William buckle was an English essayist, philosopher, and social commentator who lived in Dewsbury. It became a controversy when his son Thomas Edward Buckle claimed that, his father William buckle invented the modern dartboard in 1913.

Thomas Edward Buckle made that statement in 1992 in Darts World Magazines. There are lots of people who still believe that Thomas William Buckle is the real inventor of the modern dartboard. Whether it Brian Gamlin or Thomas William Buckle the standard dartboard remains a debate on both sides.

Numbering System of a Standard Dartboard

Numbering System of a Dartboard

The number system of a standard dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections where players get chances to score from 1 to 20 points. This is designed in such a way that reduces the incidence of “Lucky Shots” and produce more accuracy. That is the pure algorithm of this game!!

You have to be more careful about throwing darts as the small numbers are placed beside the large numbers. For example, the number “20” is placed between numbers “1” and “5” and the number “17” is placed between numbers “3” and “2”. We can take another example such as the number “18” is placed between numbers “4” and “1” and the number “19” is placed between numbers “7” and “3”.

If you want to shoot for the “20” segment, the penalty will be “1” or “5” for lack of accuracy. There are millions of different arrangements that could be possible for a standard dartboard but Mr. Gamlin’s sequence is still almost perfect.

Hitting any of the large portions of the numbered section; scores the value of that section.

Hitting the thin inner portions, outer wire, and central circle (colored Red or Green) of these sections; scores the triple value of that section.

Hitting the thin outer portions (colored Red or Green) of these sections; scores the double value of that section. It is also referred to as double-top.

The Green outer ring of the central circle worth 25 points.

The Red or Black inner circle worth 50 points which is known as “Bull” or “Inner Bull”.

Hitting outside of the board scores nothing.

Rules and Regulations of This Game

This game is generally played between two players. One player can throw three darts at a time per round. There are two types of darts available such as steel tip and soft tip. The player has to stand with his feet inside the leading edge of the oche but may lean forward when aiming.


The main goal is to reduce the score from “301” or “501” to zero. For winning the game, the final dart must land on either the bullseye or the double segment. Only one dart is needed to land on that.

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American Darts

It is a regional variant game that is mostly found in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and some parts of New York State.


This game is mainly based on the rules of the sport of baseball. A diamond shape board is needed for playing this game.

Dart Golf

This is based on the sport of golf. It is played on both golf and traditional dartboards.

Thus, the game dart has gained a lot of success all over the world. A lot of regional tournament and league is played every day across the world. 

If you want to be good at darts then you sure need good advice from experts near you. This game is like an addiction ;D

Once you shoot the darts on the board, there is no coming back!! 

Try attending all the dart event near you, it will help you to learn many things about darts. The more you play, the more you gain!!

We hope this article will help you to understand all the topics about dartboard and give all information that you are searching for.



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