How to Hang a Dartboard

How to Hang a Dartboard | A Complete Guide From Professionals

Darts are fun to play and a popular sport all over the world. If you also want to play darts then you need a dartboard for sure. The first step to play this sport is hanging your dartboard in right place. If you want to know how to hang a dartboard following the Official Dartboard Rules and Regulations, then don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

To improve your aim and motion, first, you need to hang a dartboard properly. If you make any mistake in these areas then you will fail miserably in this sport. Don’t lose hope, we will help you to learn every trick of it.

Now we’re going to tell you the process which is given below –

Selecting the Location

Selecting The Location of a Dartboard

Most of the people hang their dartboard on walls. However, you need to find an open space that will not be impeded by any obstacles. It can be anywhere such as your living room, basement, garage, park, or in your office room. So you can enjoy your game whenever you want.

Some people hang it in the drywalls and some people hang it in trees or wooden walls. both of this position is okay. But you have to be aware of rain times if you hang it outside of the house. Otherwise, it is all okay to play outside of the house.


Flooring of a Dartboard

The floor plays an important role to save your darts from damaging through the bounce onto the ground. You have to keep in mind that your darts can be damaged by different materials and your floor can also be damaged by the sharp tip of the darts. It can easily break by falling on concrete, stone, or tile floors. A lot of holes can be made in linoleum and vinyl flooring.

That’s why we are giving the best solution to protect your floors by using a dart mat. This is a rubber mat that is suitable for all types of floors or surfaces such as tiles, wooden, stone, concrete, or mud. This will be the savior for your beautiful floor.

Protecting Wall

Protecting Wall of a Dartboard

The reason behind hanging a backboard is to protect your wall from any miss throw. Not every player can hit the board perfectly. It depends on the experience of the players. As you are throwing sharp darts tip, you surely don’t want to damage your wall repeatedly. Your wall makes your home more beautiful through its design.

We can suggest you put the Dart Board into a dartboard cabinet or a protective layer. If you don’t want to spend extra money or purchase a cabinet then you can also use cork, foam, or sheet of plywood around the area of the dartboard to protect your wall. This is really good stuff to protect your favorite wall.

How to Hang Your Dartboard 

There are lots of ways to hang your dartboard nicely. You can pick any of the ways you like it. Make sure your dartboard is okay and you have all the tools to hang it. All the instructions should be followed very carefully. You can also hang your other dart accessories besides the board. We have also an article about How Many Numbers on a Dartboard, you can check this out!

Now we are going to share some easy tricks to hang your dartboard perfectly.

Height from Floor to Bullseye

By following the Official Dart Rules, you have to hang your dartboard nearly 5 feet 8 inches or 173cm high from floors to the bullseye. This is the same dartboard height as the eye-level of a player who is 6 feet tall.

If your board is on top then make it to the center and hang it from the specific height. You have to hang it to the exact position. The minimum throwing distance should be 7 feet for soft points and 8 feet for steel points to aim your target.

How to Hang a Dartboard Bullseye

* Electronic Dartboards for soft tip – 173cm

* Classic Dartboads for steel tip – 173cm

Mounting the Backing Board

You have to face the countersink towards you and fix the backing board disc at the backside of the Centre of the board. after that, you need to put a screw in the center hole. A lot of standard dartboards have 3 holes to fasten the board into place. However, you have to place the backing board in the right position as we told you.

Mounting the Bracket of Wall

Mounting the backboard

To keep the height constant, you need to put a wall bracket that will be bullseye height. The top of the U shaped recess should be facing you to the opening of the wall bracket.

After leveling the brackets, you can remove them later. You can use 4 c screws and a bracket in the center for leveling with the help of a screwdriver. You can also use masonry screws to anchor on the wall.

Hanging without Screws or Nails

If you are living in a renting apartment then you might need to hang your dartboard without screws or liquid nails in your wall or concrete wall. You can also use threads to hang your board. However, we always need to keep a backup solution for every problem.

There are some ways to hang your board without doing any holes in the wall. You can use these things to mount your board –

1# Command hooks

2# Command strips

3# A piece of plywood and hang the board to this

Creating the Throwline

Creating Throw line of a Dartboard

Make sure the throw line should be 3 feet wide and 7 feet 9.25 inches for steel tip dartboards or 8 feet for soft tip dartboards. There must 237cm distance from the throw line to the dartboard. This is the key factor for playing this sport correctly. You can use a lot of things such as tape, a piece of wood or metal, a tape measure, or a store for the throw-line sticker. You might need a measuring tape also.

For determining the throw line drop a plumb line or string from the face of the board which is centered and perpendicular. Now you are ready to go to enjoy yourself with your friend!!!

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