How To Play Shuffle board

How To Play Shuffleboard | Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Nowadays, shuffleboards are getting immensely popular in bars or clubs, parties, game rooms, etc. As you’re searching for this topic, I’m sure that you might want to know How To Play Shuffleboard, right? Don’t worry! The rules of this game are elementary to learn for beginners. In this article, we will provide you with the step by step guide to understand and learn the rules quickly.

There are different types of shuffleboard games that exist in recent times. People are playing this game to have a fantastic recreational time.

Basic Rules of Shuffleboard Game

It may seem easy to play the game, but it is not all about throwing the pucks from one side to another side. It would help if you placed the pucks into the trough. When it’s your turn to shuffle, you can only shuffle a puck in your hand.

Well, you can lean against the cradle to support yourself. However, you cannot place your hand on the playing surface when shuffling.

Additionally, every player needs to place at least one of their feet behind the table all the time. That’s how you can lean against the table.

However, when you’re leaning against the table, you cannot shake or move the table in any way. You’ll get a penalty, and it will deduct your points. Not just that, you have to shoot first in the next round.

It’s like a carrom game; a player can add powder on dry places only when it’s their turn to shoot.

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The Knock off Rules

It is one of the easiest and common ways to play this game is the knock-off shuffleboard. It is one of the common shuffleboard games. You can play this game one on one or with two teams of two people. Players have to play the game until one of the teams scores 15 points to win. However, another team has to score 21 points to continue the game.

The Horse Collar Rules

This game is also played one on one or with two or more teams of two players. It is a popular shuffleboard game. Gamers have to continue the game until one player or team scores 51 points with the last shot in their hand. However, it’s not like the traditional game of shuffleboard. Players can score massive points, like 13 or 26 points.

The Tap and Draw Rules

This is a superb game for beginners to play on a shuffleboard table. It is pretty similar to the horse collar game since players have to score 51 points to win. However, if both of them score over 51 points, then the highest scorer will win.

The Target Table Rules

This is a game of aiming just like darts, archery, rifler, etc. You can play this game with 1-2-3-4 scoring systems for winning the game. It is a competitive game to play.

How To Score Shuffleboard

The players have to divide into two teams for playing any match. Two teams need to stand opposite each other at the end of the table. Then they have to shoot all the eight pucks for each round to get points.

However, all the pucks won’t get points if it fails to clear the foul line in the middle of the table. Then you need to remove those pucks from the playfield.

There are two types of scoring systems players commonly use the 1-2-3 scoring system and the 1-2-3-4 scoring system. Players will get points if the pucks land on the scoring zone. However, the pucks should clear all the lines.

If any puck hangs on the edge of the table, then it will get 4 points. players refer to it as “Hanger.”

How to Start The Game

It is an essential factor that who will take the shot first. In most cases, players use the traditional way of tossing a coin to start the game. Then, the winner of the coin toss round will get two advantages. They can choose whether they want to shoot first or not and select the colour of the pucks.

There is an advantage to take the shot in the second turn. As the player who shots in the second position gets the last shot. The final shot is also known as “Hammer,” and players love to take this shot.

The player who gets the highest score in a round will start the next round.

The 10-Off Area Rules

This rule applies to the outdoor shuffleboard game, which is a 52 feet long table. The board is designed with scoring triangles at both ends. The triangle is divided with scores like ten at the tip, then eight, seven, and the 10-off area, which is at the base of the table. It is a whole triangular scoring system. That’s why you need to apply some strategy.

If your puck lands on the 10-off area, then you will get a penalty of minus 10 points. Again, if you even touch the line, then the penalty is minus 5 points.

How to Play Shuffleboard with Two Players

Generally, you can play this game with two or more people at a time. For starting with two players, it is as usual that players need to stand opposite each other at both ends. Each player will get four pucks to slide from their side.

For deciding the winner of each round, both of them need to shoot eight pucks in the frame. The highest scorer will be the winner of the round.

How to Play Shuffleboard with Four Players

First, they have to divide into two teams of four people. Then, it is just as simple as the two-person game. It would be best if you tossed a coin for starting the game.

Each of the teams will shot their four pucks alternatively to finish the round. The highest scorer will win that round and start the new round with the first shot.

Lastly, when any of the team scores 21 points, they will be the game-winner.

What Is The Exact Point to Win

Usually, most of the players consider 21-points as the ideal points to win the game. However, some may choose 11 or 15 points as the winning points. They can even change the winning points according to their will.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whatever the winning point is, but they have to score the same points as the determined points.


Now, you can understand that shuffleboard games are not so easy or not so hard for anyone. You need to improve your skills to do better in this game.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. If you have any question on How to Play Shuffleboard, then write down in the comment section.

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